2020: the shift to working remotely and what to consider when assessing video conferencing platforms

For many Canadian businesses, the pandemic gave us a shove into a remote-work reality.

When COVID hit, remote work became the only way for many businesses to continue to operate, period. Many had to scramble for solutions that allowed them to meet face to face over video, and to share content and collaborate in real time.

We still don’t know for certain when or if life will return to normal. Will we all eventually head back into the office? Alternate between the office and home? Some businesses are downsizing their footprint and trying hoteling: having folks come in on a rotating basis. But one thing is for certain – collaboration technology and remote work are here to stay.

But some solutions are better suited to the moment than others. Pragmatic (link: thinkpragmatic.com) (headquartered in Toronto) created the Unified Meeting X video platform, which features an Active User Pricing model – pay the low monthly fee for unlimited access when you need to use it, and don’t pay for it during the months that you don’t. It’s a model that reflects the month-to-month uncertainty under which we’ve been forced to operate.

Here are some other considerations you should keep in mind when assessing your collaboration software:

  • Do you have to download/install anything? Downloading and installing a platform client on your computer can cause issues.

    First, meetings often start late because folks new to the technology need to download, install, and more often than not, troubleshoot some setting to get it running. Second, installed platforms often bypass your system’s security settings in order to run smoothly. This opens you up to hackable vulnerabilities. Look for something that hosts meetings entirely in-browser.
  • Can it connect with other conferencing systems? At some point, a boardroom system and folks on a PC will need to join the same meeting.

    You need a platform that provides a common ground for disparate endpoints to connect. Be careful here – some solutions charge extra to connect room systems.
  • Can you connect by phone / use it to host audio conferences as well? Tired of meeting face to face? Someone only have access to a phone?

    Make sure your conferencing solution is flexible enough to provide this option. And again – watch for hidden charges when it comes to this sort of thing. The best platforms include this service for free.

Canadian businesses should be proud of the resilience they’ve shown; they rose quickly to this challenge and successfully shifted paradigms. Pragmatic is a proud partner of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and is offering the Unified Meeting X platform to members at reduced rates. UMX and other Pragmatic service are available with no contracts or commitments – reach out today to learn more!