• The Business of Business Series


    In this series, our President and CEO, the Hon. Perrin Beatty, PC, OC, engages with various business, government and thought leaders to get their insights on how COVID-19 is affecting businesses and how they can preparing for the future.


    Perrin Beatty sits down with CAPP President & CEO, Tim McMillan to discuss the COVID 19 pandemic and the impact it has had on Canada’s energy sector, how the energy sector can lead a business led recovery, as well as what he sees as the path forward.

    Perrin Beatty sits down with Vancouver Fraser Port Authority President & CEO, Robin Silvester to discuss the impacts COVID-19 has had on the port, the strength of our supply chains and much more.

    Perrin Beatty talks with Salesforces’s Country Manager, Margaret Stuart about the important role small business will play in our recovery, the amazing work Salesforce has done to help out small business and much more.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Emilio Imbriglio, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton President & CEO about working in the COVID-19 world, its effects on small businesses and what he would like to hear come out of this week’s Throne Speech.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Calin Rovinescu, Air Canada President & CEO on his thoughts & insight into the impact COVID-19 has had on Air Canada & Canada’s airline industry, as well as his recommendations for the recovery & path forward.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Tabatha Bull, President & CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, how Indigenous businesses and communities have been impacted by the pandemic, how they’ve responded, and what they need to prosper.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with John Stackhouse, Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO at RBC, on how small businesses can best navigate the pandemic.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Chris Fowler, President and CEO at CWB, what recovery will look like for different sectors and our economy, as well as how we can transition into a new normal.

    Perrin Beatty discusses the digitization of Canada’s healthcare system with Juggy Sihota, Vice-president of Consumer Health at Telus.

    Perrin Beatty and Lissa Ricci, Senior Leader of Small Business Solutions at CISCO, discuss Canada’s transition to working remotely amid the pandemic, as well as the importance of prioritizing cyber-security during this time.

    Hon. Perrin Beatty and Hon. Marco Mendicino, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, discuss the need for inclusive growth while recovering from the pandemic, as well as the economic benefits of immigration.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Greg Grice, Executive Vice-President of Business Financial Services at RBC, the impacts of COVID-19 on businesses in the short-, medium- and long-term, as well as how businesses can prepare for reopening.

    In this episode of The Business of Business, our very own Perrin Beatty discusses with Garrick Tiplady, Managing Director of Facebook Canada, resources that are available for small businesses during COVID-19, as well as how Facebook has shifted through this pandemic.
    Learn more about Facebook’s small business grants at and stay tuned for our upcoming training series beginning June 3 with Facebook that will be on CBRN.

    In this episode of The Business of Business, we discuss with Guy Cormier, President & CEO of Desjardins, how their organization has evolved during the pandemic, financial support they’re offering, as well as he provides an outlook on what shape our economy will be in after COVID-19.

    Hon. Perrin Beatty, our President and CEO, is joined by Lou Smyrlis, Managing Director of Newcom Trucking and Supply Chain Group, to discuss the importance of our supply chains, how they’ve been affected by COVID-19 and what businesses can do to strengthen them.

    Hon. Perrin Beatty, our President and CEO, is joined by Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), to discuss the COVID-19 challenges facing business and government from a global perspective. CBI is the leading British business association, representing over 190,000 businesses.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Mairead Lavery from EDC how COVID-19 is reshaping Canada’s global role and the programs that are available for businesses during this time.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with James Scongack from Bruce Power the importance of physical and mental health during COVID-19, Bruce Power’s contributions to the community as well as its COVID-19 Retooling and Economic Recovery Council.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Tara Benham from Grant Thornton the financing available to businesses and employees due to COVID-19, as well as impacts that this pandemic will have on our economy.

    Perrin Beatty discusses with Jeff Macoun from Canada Life, the mental health resources available during COVID-19, the impact the pandemic has had on investments, as well as they provide advice for Canadians during this time.

    Perrin Beatty and Rick Hansen discuss the challenges COVID-19 poses for persons with disabilities, what employers can do to help and how we can all deal with adversity.

    Perrin Beatty and Min. Mary Ng discuss the impact of COVID-19 on SMEs and what supports are available to help them get through this pandemic.

  • Small Business Relief Fund


    As part of its Canadian Business Resilience Network campaign, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, through the generosity of Salesforce, has provided 62 small Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast with $10,000 grants to help their recovery efforts during these unprecedented times.


    Small businesses are the heart of our community, which is why we’re proud to announce that 62 businesses from across Canada have been awarded a $10k CBRN Small Business Relief Fund grant, in partnership with Salesforce, to help them get through this pandemic.

    We caught up with our Small Business Relief Fund Grant recipient, MASS Environmental Services Inc. & their President George Brown to get an update on the work they have done, highlighting the resilience they’ve shown during the pandemic.

    Congratulations to Timmins Chiropractic Clinic for being a recipient of a $10,000 CBRN grant, made possible by the generosity of Salesforce.

    Peter’s Players was awarded at $10,000 CBRN Small Business Relief Fund grant. Hear from owner Michelle Swanek as she finds out the good news.

    Davidson Quebec’s Esprit Rafting was awarded at $10,000 CBRN Small Business Relief Fund grant. Hear from owner Jim Coffey as he finds out the good news.

    Pierre Marleau, CEO and Production Designer, Orange Frog Productions inc, tells us how a $10,000 CBRN Grant would help his business

    Brian Doherty tells us how a $10,000 CBRN Grant would help his small business.

    Rogue Coffee tells us how a $10,000 CBRN Grant would help his small business.

    La Cuisine Kitchen Cabinets Inc. tells us how a $10,000 CBRN Grant would help his small business.

    Cara Hazelton tells us how a $10,000 CBRN Grant would help his small business.

    Paul Bowman, owner of Bowman’s Pharmasave in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and member of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, explains how $10,000 would help his business remain resilient throughout the pandemic.

  • Recovery Interviews


    Timely discussions with business executives on how their companies are responding to the effects of COVID-19, as featured at our AGM & Convention on October 27, 2020.


    Featuring Marc Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of Eurofins.

    Featuring Margaret Stuart, Country Manager of Salesforce in Canada.

    Featuring François Gratton, Executive Vice President and Group President at TELUS, and Chair of TELUS Health and TELUS Québec.

  • COVID-19 & the Effects on Business Series


    In this series, our policy directors share their insights on how COVID-19 is affecting businesses and on the measures needed for businesses to persevere and, ultimately, prosper.


    Our Senior Director of International Policy, Mark Agnew, discusses the 14 recommendations we have laid out to bolster Canada’s supply chains and economy.

    In this video, Leah Nord, our Senior Director of Workforce Strategies and Inclusive Growth, delves into how get Canadians back to work in a coordinated and strategic way.

    In this video, Dr. Trevin Stratton, our Chief Economist and Vice President of Policy, delves into the importance of Roadmap to Recovery—not only for businesses, but for all Canadians.

    Our current economic downturn is unprecedented compared to financial crises of the past. So, how is it different? What’s expected? And how do we overcome it? Find out in this video with our Chief Economist and VP of Policy, Dr. Trevin Stratton.

    The cannabis sector is facing unique challenges due to COVID-19. That said, if the barriers they’re facing are addressed, the sector can provide many economic opportunities. Learn more in this video with our very own Ryan Greer, Sr. Director & Cannabis Policy Lead.

    The agriculture and agri-food industry is a key partner in national and global supply chains. Learn how the sector being affected by COVID-19 and what the government has done and can do to help in this video with our policy advisor, Jarred Cohen.

    With small and medium businesses providing nearly 90% of all private sector employment in Canada, we know they are being hit the hardest by COVID-19. In this video, one of our senior policy directors, Susanna Cluff-Clyburne, on what support measures are available to them and what the Canadian Chamber is doing to advocate on their behalf.

    In this video, our Senior Director of Natural Resources and Sustainable Growth, Dr. Aaron Henry, examines the critical infrastructure that is needed for our resource sector to get through this crisis.

    Are you a non-essential business and wondering what you should be doing during this crisis to get your finances in order? If so, Patrick Gill, our Director of Tax and Financial Policy, has some advice for you.

    Leah Nord, our Director of Workforce Strategies and Inclusive Growth, takes a few minutes to share the government programs that will help our workforce during COVID-19 and how we can get to a period of recovery.

    Mark Agnew, our Senior Director of International Policy, talks to you about the international work we’re currently doing in response to COVID-19. The Canadian economy can’t be isolated from global markets despite this pandemic given that trade is 60% of our GDP.

  • The Road to a Vaccine Series


    Johnson & Johnson has launched an educational series called The Road to a Vaccine hosted by journalist Lisa Ling. The series uncovers the scientific efforts underway around the world to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.


    Lisa Ling interviews National Academies Member and University of Connecticut professor Cato Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D., to learn what his new coronavirus study reveals. Plus, what’s needed to mass-produce a vaccine.

    Lisa Ling interviews three leading scientists who have been on the frontlines of Zika, malaria and HIV who give us the inside scoop on vaccine development and the process of going from the lab to the clinic

    Lisa Ling interviews scientists and healthcare workers about how vaccines work, the impact of the novel coronavirus and what’s being done globally to create a COVID-19 vaccine.


  • Business Insurance 101 – Supporting Businesses during the Pandemic with IBC

    January 15

    Canada’s insurers are pulling together to find creative solutions to support businesses across all sectors in accessing the insurance they need. Pete Karageorgos, Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Director of Consumer and Industry Relations (Ontario), presents key economic dynamics affecting Canada’s property and casualty insurers, how industry, governments and businesses are working in partnership to address the current challenges and more importantly, tools and resources IBC and insurers are providing to support Canadian businesses.

  • The Role of Foreign Investment in Canada’s Economic Recovery with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

    December 7

    Emilio B. Imbriglio, President and CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Malcolm D Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global, and Laurel C. Broten, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc., discuss how Canada can compete in a world shaped by COVID-19 in order to remain attractive for foreign investment.

  • Successfully Managing Your Workplace During a Global Pandemic with Sherrard Kuzz LLP

    December 1

    Canadian businesses are facing unique challenges in managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges include issues related to:

    – health and safety
    – increased absenteeism
    – work refusals
    – accommodating human rights
    – implications of a vaccine
    – workplace restructuring

    This session will provide employers with practical tips and tools to address these issues when they arise and to minimize related legal liability as they move forward into 2021. This webinar is led by Priya Sarin, Partner at Sherrard Kuzz LLP, a leading Canadian employment & labour law firm.

  • The Role of Technology for Business Transformation in a Post-Covid Economy with Telus

    November 12

    Our conversation with Navin Arora, President Business Solutions at TELUS and Pau Castells, Director of Economic Analysis at GSMA, explain how 5G will revolutionize and transform business operations and influence customer revenues, improve productivity and operational expenses for businesses as well as safety and security, and discuss how investment in this next generation technology will drive $150 billion to the Canadian economy over the next 20 years.

  • Preparing for Smart and Sustainable Growth to Benefit Canadian Businesses with Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

    November 9

    Robin Silvester, President and CEO of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, shares plans for smart and sustainable growth at the Port of Vancouver, for the benefit of communities and businesses across the country.

  • Financial Wellness and Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19 with Canada Life

    November 2

    Hugh Moncrieff, Executive Vice-President, Advisory Network and Industry Affairs for Canada Life, discussed how COVID-19 has changed the financial services landscape in Canada and how advisors have adapted to help ensure Canadians like you are financially prepared for the future.

  • Strengthening Trade and Transportation Networks for Long-Term Prosperity with Canpotex

    October 22

    A discussion with Gordon McKenzie, President and CEO, Canpotex, and the Honourable Perrin Beatty, PC OC, our President and CEO, on what Canada can do to rise above the challenges facing its competitiveness and mitigate the economic impact of events like COVID-19 in the future.

  • A Vision for a Thriving Canada in 2030 with Deloitte

    October 20

    Deloitte Canada’s Anthony Viel, Managing Partner and Chief Executive and Georgina Black, Managing Partner, Government and Public Sector discussed the actions Canada must take to stop our economy from settling back into its pre-pandemic path and, instead, create a better Canadian society for all by 2030.

  • Business During A Pandemic: A Discussion on Sales Development with Salesforce

    October 15

    Laura Norman, Senior Director of Marketing for Essentials and SMB, and Adam Kirsh, AVP SMB Commercial Sales Canada at Salesforce discuss and examine key insights into how SMBs are navigating business during the pandemic.

  • Business Planning in this Period of Uncertainty with TD

    October 14

    Dale Durand, Business Succession Advisor, Wealth Advisory Services at TD discussed how to effectively manage and increase your corporate and personal cash flows through these extraordinary times. Topics includes: Recovering taxes already paid through tax loss selling, withdrawing cash from your corporation tax free, improving your estate planning in these down markets and supporting your selected charities and yourself at the same time.

  • Importance of Collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Businesses with EDC

    October 7

    In-depth discussion on the opportunities for collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. Panel members include representatives from Export Development Canada, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, a financial institution and a mining organization.

  • Crisis Communications in Times of Pandemic with NATIONAL Public Relations

    September 23

    How a business communicates in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic is key to its future success and sometimes its very survival. As consumer behaviour changes, supply chains become disrupted and employees and employers navigate uncharted territory and potentially uncertain futures, the importance of a well-crafted crisis management plan is becoming ever clearer to Canadian enterprises. We were joined by Mark Boutet and Larry Markowitz of NATIONAL Public Relations, Canada’s leading public relations firm to discuss the basic principles of crisis communication, and focus on maintaining your brand during these challenging times.

  • Building Digital Capacity and Business Resilience during COVID-19 with TC Energy

    August 27

    Embracing change allows organizations to accomplish things they didn’t know were possible – it unlocks creativity and innovation, inspiring and motiving people to realize untapped potential and deliver outstanding business outcomes to build business resiliency. We were joined by Chris Foster, Vice-President, Information Services and Chief Information Officer at TC Energy for a webinar to discuss building digital capacity and business resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Getting back to business with Canada Post

    August 12

    Businesses were forced adapt their business models at the onset of COVID-19 and are now faced with transitioning into “business as usual”. We were joined by Mamta Dogra, Senior Manager, Small Business and Marketing at Canada Post for a webinar to discuss tips and resources for generating renewed brand awareness, finding the right customers and getting back to business.

  • The Key to Employee Well-Being During and After the Pandemic with Desjardins

    August 10

    We were joined by Charmaine Alexander, Plan Sponsor Service Advisor from Desjardins for a webinar to discuss how overall health culture, which includes physical, mental and financial health, is important during a crisis, and how going forward, this culture will be an integral part of group plans.

  • Navigating your Business to Recovery with Desjardins

    July 29

    Have questions about navigating through the government support programs? Want to learn more about e-commerce and cyber-security? Or maybe you have questions about labour laws during the pandemic? We were joined by experts from Desjardins for a webinar to discuss these questions and explore how Canadian businesses can navigate recovery.

  • Working Remotely Through a Crisis and Flex Work Long Term with CWB Financial

    July 22

    We were joined by Canadian Western Bank’s Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Vice President of Client Solutions to discuss the future of working remotely through a crisis and the long-term outlook for flex work. Get tips for setting up effective work areas for employees, how to support employees’ mental health and what major cyber security threats exist for SMEs now and post-pandemic.

  • How to Support Employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19 and Beyond with Sun Life

    July 20

    In a recent survey by Sun Life, over half (56%) of Canadians surveyed said COVID-19 is negatively affecting their mental health. We were joined by Carmen Bellows, Registered Psychologist and Director of Mental Health Solutions at Sun Life Canada, to discuss how businesses can develop and maintain positive mental health environments.

  • From far and wide: Canada’s Accelerated Technology Landscape with Global Public Affairs

    July 15

    Beyond just a surge of innovation, the tech sector in Canada is accelerating in growth and stature. Some of Canada’s fastest-growing and largest organizations are technology companies. Many of our legacy companies are adapting to digitization, and the need for this transition is even more urgent since the pandemic. We were joined by Global Public Affairs for a webinar, moderated by legendary Canadian journalist Tom Clark, to discuss Canada’s acceleration of tech and the role of government in this transformative time.

  • Maintaining Business Continuity Through COVID-19 and Beyond with Rogers

    July 14

    We were joined by Get Ready for a webinar to discuss the Get Ready Workplace IPAC program. This program equips Canadian businesses with the tools and knowledge to appropriately respond to an infectious disease outbreak.

  • Get Ready Workplace IPAC Program with Get Ready

    July 9

    We were joined by Get Ready for a webinar to discuss the Get Ready Workplace IPAC program. This program equips Canadian businesses with the tools and knowledge to appropriately respond to an infectious disease outbreak.

  • COVID-19 - Technology Trends & Business Continuity with Cisco

    July 8

    We were joined by Lisa Richardson, Vice President of Solution Sales, and Wayne Cuervo, Director of Innovation at Cisco Canada for a webinar moderated by Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, Senior Director, Digital Economy, Technology and Innovation, to discuss reevaluating digital transformation strategies so that Canadian businesses can meet customer needs and thrive long-term.

  • Brave New World – Navigating the Crisis and its Aftermath with Desjardins

    July 7

    We were joined by Jimmy Jean, a Macro Strategist with Desjardins’ Capital Markets, on July 7 for a webinar to discuss Canada’s economic outlook, how we adapt to this new reality and what innovation is needed for Canadian businesses to thrive in the wake of COVID-19.

  • Building a Resilient Workforce that can Thrive in the Next Normal with Deloitte

    June 23

    We were joined by Zabeen Hirji, Executive Advisor, Future of Work and Karen Pastakia, Partner and Future of Work leader, from Deloitte Canada for a webinar to discuss the big workforce issues affecting work, workers, workplace, culture and leadership that organizations must consider to create a resilient workforce prepared to thrive in our next normal. The webinar was moderated by Leah Nord, Senior Director of Workforce Strategies and Inclusive Growth at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Take Control of Your Business: Three Simple & Essential Tools to Help Your Business Survive and Thrive in a Period of Extreme Uncertainty with Sysential

    June 22

    We were joined by Ted Bradshaw from Sysential, an Alberta-based firm that works with entrepreneurial organizations, for a webinar to discuss the tools that business owners and their leadership teams can use to help solve pressing issues more effectively, increase the effectiveness of team meetings and support making difficult decisions. The webinar was moderated by Susanna Cluff-Clyburne, Senior Director of Parliamentary Affairs at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Boost with Facebook | How to Build an Effective Advertising Strategy

    June 24

    You’re ready to advertise but need a strategy and a plan. We’ll walk through how to define your advertising goals and objectives, reach your target audience at the right time and place, and learn to measure a successful advertising campaign.


  • Physical Return to Work: Practical Realities and Transformative Opportunities with EY

    June 17

    In these unprecedented times, organizations are faced with a new duality of safely transitioning people back to physical locations while reimagining the future of work and business. We were joined by Darryl Wright, EY People Advisory Associate Partner, Zain Raheel, EY Forensics & Integrity Leader and Sunny Sehgal, EY Senior Manager, HSE for a webinar moderated by Leah Nord, Senior Director of Workforce Strategies and Inclusive Growth, to discuss the realities and opportunities of the physical return to work and how this evolving situation is encouraging organizations to reimagine their work environment and workforce model.

  • Understanding Travel Insurance in the World of COVID-19 with Johnson Insurance

    June 10

    Once travel restrictions are lifted, people will have questions about travel insurance. What am I covered for? Is my current travel insurance policy sufficient? Where can I go if I have further travel insurance questions? We were joined by Group Benefits Consultant, Jessica Simpson, and Home and Auto Insurance Consultant, Ivan Tolentino from our EBS partner, Johnson Insurance, for a webinar to discuss how COVID-19 has affected travel insurance.

  • Boost with Facebook | Getting Creative with Your Mobile Phone

    June 9

    Learn how to plan and create content using your mobile phone. We’ll share tools, tips, and creative apps that can help you create high quality content for your customers and followers.

    You are invited join the Boost with Facebook Canada group to access peer and expert advice and check out Facebook’s Business Resource Hub, which contain advice and information to help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as virtual trainings and tools.


  • Build Your Online Presence with Facebook

    June 5

    Learn how to build your business’ online presence with a Facebook Business Page and find out about the free Facebook tools to jumpstart your business online. We’ll cover everything from building your Facebook business page, to communicating with your customers, and managing and measuring your page.

    You are invited join the Boost with Facebook Canada group to access peer and expert advice and check out Facebook’s Business Resource Hub, which contain advice and information to help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as virtual trainings and tools.


  • Field Effect - In this Ever-Evolving Work Environment, how Should Your Cyber Security Change? with Field Effect

    June 4

    Companies around the world transitioned their teams to work remotely as a health precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses have announced their shift to digital will be permanent, others are making plans to go back to the office. What precautions do you need to take to protect you and your organization from an increase in cyber threats during this unprecedented time? We were joined by Andrew Loschmann, COO at Field Effect for a webinar moderated by Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, Senior Director, Digital Economy, Technology and Innovation, to discuss how to keep your organization safe from online threats throughout this pandemic and beyond.

  • Planning for Recovery: How to Restart your Business in the Wake of COVID-19 with BDC

    June 2

    As the Canadian economy gradually reopens, business owners need to adapt their operations, ensure supply chains and manage their finances. We were joined by BDC Chief Economist Pierre Cléroux and BDC Advisory Services Executive Vice President Peter Lawler for a webinar to discuss what business owners should be doing as they ramp up operations and plan to reopen in the wake of COVID-19.


  • Strategies for How Businesses Can Persevere and Recover from COVID-19 with CWB Financial

    May 26

    We were joined by CWB Financial Group’s Executive Vice President of Banking, Stephen Murphy, and Executive Vice President of HR, Kelly Blackett, along with Axiom Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Engdahl for a webinar moderated by Susanna Cluff-Clyburne, Senior Director, Parliamentary Affairs, to discuss tips and tricks for how to take care of your employees as well as provide insight into how CWB Financial is able to offer their support to businesses and clients as they navigate the crisis and beyond.

  • Ensuring the Recovery and Resilience of Canada’s Food Service Sector with Molson Coors

    May 12

    This webinar is a discussion on charting a pathway for ensuring the recovery and resilience of Canada’s food service sector.

    Frederic Landtmeters, President, Molson Coors Canada
    Jim Treliving, President and CEO, Boston Pizza
    Larry Issacs, President, Firkin Group of Pubs


  • The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Explained with Grant Thornton LLP

    May 7

    The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) was created to help businesses retain their workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application for this subsidy opened on April 27 and managing through the requirements of the application can be complicated. Eligibility requirements, meeting the specific revenue tests, and ensuring your documentation is correct can be complex and cumbersome. Please listen to this webinar as we tackle common questions that have surfaced and discuss CEWS with tax partner John Di Liso at Grant Thornton LLP.


  • M&A Strategies, Succession & Planning for Recovery with KPMG

    May 6


  • What to Feel When Stressors Collide with Canada Life

    April 29


  • How to Navigate Government Programs with KPMG

    April 28

    There is an impressive array of federal, provincial and territorial government programs that offer subsidies, loans and other measures to meet the urgent needs of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Professionals from KPMG joined us for a live interactive discussion to help you better understand these programs and how they can help your operations.

  • Online Shipping and eCommerce Solutions for Businesses with Freightcom

    April 24

  • Using eCommerce to Keep your Business Running with Shopify

    April 15


    The COVID-19 crisis has caused many businesses to re-think how they operate. Some that may not have considered e-commerce may be looking at it more seriously now, particularly if they’ve been ordered shut down to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This webinar discusses options for navigating your business through this new environment. Kray Mitchell and Nikki Thibodeau, Local Community Managers for Shopify, take participants through resources and e-commerce tools available from Shopify. They also answer questions about adopting or enhancing your e-commerce capacity.

  • COVID-19 Technical Briefings

    COVID-19: Canada-U.S.: Border and International Trade

    COVID-19: SME Technical Briefing: Federal Employment and Wage Support Programs


  • ChamberChats Podcast



    In this episode, Hon. Perrin Beatty, our President and CEO, joins the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s ChamberChats Podcast to discuss how Canadian businesses are surviving COVID-19 and how they can remain resilient. Click here to listen.

  • Political Stripes Podcast



    In this episode, Dr. Trevin Stratton, our Chief Economist and Vice President of Policy, joins the Political Stripes Podcast to discuss the economic effect of COVID-19. Click here to listen.

  • Clicks & Mortar Podcast



    In this episode, Phil Taylor, Managing Director of External Communications, joins the Clicks & Mortar Podcast to talk about the Canadian Business Resilience Network and the $600,000 Small Business Relief Fund. Click here to listen.

  • COVIDcast



    COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. Listen to the University of Calgary’s COVIDcast podcast series for up-to-the-minute information from leading experts on the medicine, science and community considerations that surround the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to listen to the latest episodes.

  • Speaking of Business



    Goldy Hyder from the Business Council of Canada hosts a series of conversations with Canadian innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Click here to listen to the latest episodes.

  • #SmallBusinessMatters: Keeping the Heart of the Economy Beating

    With support from RBC, this 10-part series, available on the Chatter That Matters podcast, brings together business owners and experts to share insights, advice and tips for surviving COVID-19. Click here to listen to the latest episodes.