Together, we provide a platform for Canadian businesses to shape the discussions and gain leading insights on international issues that will have an impact on our economy. These global decisions affect many sectors of the economy including financial services, energy, chemicals, customs and transportation, manufacturing, life sciences, ICT, natural resources, agriculture and others.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s representative to a number of international business groups, including the International Chamber of Commerce, Business at the OECD, the B7, the B20, the Global Business Coalition and the Global Services Coalition.

In the context of COVID-19, the work occurring within these bodies is critical for deciding policies that will affect our country’s response to the crisis, the restarting of the economy and the long-term recovery.

Top Issues

  • Business at OECD 2020 Economic Policy Survey Results: Business at OECD annually surveys the lead business organization from each of its member countries. Key highlights from the 2020 survey included: 95% of companies perceiving the current business environment to be weak versus only 16% in 2019; 75% of respondents expecting this economic downturn to be worse than the 2008-09 financial crisis; and only half of respondents view OECD government responses to be sufficient to supporting the economy. Key policy measures needed looking ahead include liquidity, combatting protectionism, and support for labour markets.
  • Ensuring Resilience of Global Supply of Essential Services in Combating COVID-19: Services play a critical role in the economy and even more so in the current context. Leading business groups representing the services sector joined together to outline to governments the crucial role of services in response to COVID-19. This includes the role of services enabling the movement of goods as well as the provision of services digitally to consumers and businesses.
  • International Chamber of Commerce: 10 Ways Trade Can Help SMEs: SMEs compose 90% of the companies across the globe and 50% of all employment. They rely on access to foreign markets to grow and provide jobs. Governments can use trade measures, such easing border restrictions and shifting towards paperless customs procedures, to assist SMEs during the COVID-19 recovery.

KPMG: Global landscape

This resource offers a global overview of government and institution measures by country and topic (tax, employment, economic, and others) in response to COVID-19. The information is updated regularly.

Access the reports here.

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