Bulletin: September 22, 2020

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As Small Businesses Struggle And Economy Wobbles, Government Plans 30% Increase In Fuel Costs

Small businesses everywhere are desperately struggling to remain open, and wherever possible, keep their employees on the payroll. As they teeter on the edge between staying open and failure, the federal government is introducing a new regulation that will push far too many to close their doors. To address the proposed Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), this week we launched the Fresh Fuel Standard campaign, which proposes a collaborative approach between government and business to design a standard that will both create jobs and safeguard our natural world.

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Business Needs Women; Women Need 10 Things From Throne Speech

Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19 will only happen if women can fully participate in the workforce. Yesterday, our Council for Women’s Advocacy issued a news release with 10 action items it wants to see addressed in the government’s Speech from the Throne to support women and facilitate their full participation in the workforce as employers and employees. If you’d like to share the Council for Women’s Advocacy’s 10 recommendations with colleagues, we have a one-pager for that.

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The Business Of Business With Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

The Business of Business is back this week with an all new episode as Hon. Perrin Beatty, our President and CEO, speaks with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s President and CEO, Emilio Imbriglio, about navigating the COVID-19 world, its effects on small businesses and what he would like to hear come out of this week’s Throne Speech.

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Perrin Beatty: Throne Speech Must Include A Lifeline For Restaurants

This weekend in Postmedia’s Sun newspapers our President and CEO, Hon. Perrin Beatty, wrote about the crisis that is continuing to grip our restaurants and what we’ll be watching for in the Throne Speech. Restaurateurs are proud to stand together during this time, and we hope all Canadians will stand with them. Keeping the industry afloat is crucial for Canadians everywhere.

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Michelle Eaton: Feds Need To Hit A Reset On Alcohol Escalator Tax

We all cringe during those scenes in a movie when someone down on their luck gets kicked further down. It makes us feel helpless and frustrated on their behalf. In addition, while we have all watched in horror as the country’s hospitality industry has been, and continues to be, devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory forces are unfortunately aligning to deal them another blow. Michelle Eaton, Vice President, Communications, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, had commentary on this situation in the Toronto Sun.

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Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Resumes Additional Activities This Month

This month, the CRA is resuming additional business activities, which may affect some business tax users. The activities include appeals, audits, collections, compliance measures, and outreach activities. The CRA is also providing information on how to protect yourself from scams, it’s important to know when and how the CRA might contact you.

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Funding Opportunity For Indigenous Innovators

Indigenous Services Canada is seeking a web-based navigation tool that helps users to navigate Indigenous federal programs, initiatives and strategies and that can match incoming requests from Indigenous businesses, organizations and government officials to a federal program or service.

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September 23, 1:00 P.M. ET | Crisis Communications In Times Of Pandemic: Maintaining Your Brand While Facing Financial Challenges And Business Uncertainty Webinar, With National PR

How a business communicates in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic is key to its future success and sometimes to its very survival. 

As consumer behaviour changes, supply chains become disrupted and employees and employers navigate uncharted territory and uncertain futures, the importance of a well-crafted crisis management plan is becoming ever clearer to Canadian businesses. 

Join us for an interactive webinar with guest speakers Mark Boutet and Larry Markowitz of NATIONAL Public Relations. We will discuss the basic principles of crisis communications and will focus on maintaining your brand during these challenging times.

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September 30, 1:00 P.M. ET | Future of Transportation: Air

As one of the first industries to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air transportation sector, including airports, airlines, and others in that ecosystem, will undoubtedly be one of the last to fully recover. Before the pandemic, the sector employed about 141,000 Canadians and flew upwards of 70 million passengers per year. Today, that number has plummeted almost overnight as airlines and airports grapple with new economic realities. However, as Canada begins emerging from the depths of the pandemic, industry leaders are finding new and innovative ways to instill consumer confidence and start returning to pre-pandemic levels. Our conversation will address those ways and focus on how Canada’s air transport sector can continue to demonstrate leadership in this regard.

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October 6, 1:00 P.M. ET | Future Of Transportation: Shipping

Shipping is an essential industry in Canadian and global supply chains, comprising 20% of Canadian exports and imports. Contributing to about 2% of the Canadian economy, shipping operations play a major role across the country from coast to coast. As with every industry, shipping has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This conversation will revolve around how the industry has responded to the pandemic and other significant events followed by a discussion on what’s next for shipping in Canada.

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How We’re Helping Canadian Business

Small Business Relief Fund Helps Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) Help Others

MCE was incorporated as the sole provider of corporate training on behalf of Mohawk College in 2010. In that time, MCE has made significant contributions to corporate professionals in Ontario, specifically in leadership, technology and health and community services. A recipient of the CBRN Small Business Relief Fund, MCE used its funding to create three micro-eLearning courses for the public.

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Leveraging Local During COVID-19: How Local Communities Are Helping To Support Small Business

Partners of the Our Restaurants campaign are sharing their perspectives and insights on the issues facing the industry. This contribution is provided by Restaurants Canada from its publication MENU.

“Growing up in Toronto’s Corso Italia area, Saturdays were spent at the Piccininni Community Centre for swimming or ballet, followed by a ‘latte’ and cannoli at Tre Mari Italian Bakery. Of course, being six my latte contained no caffeine and was instead steamed milk that my parents told me was a ‘special latte for kids.’ Nevertheless, Saturdays were a treat for me and Tre Mari was a part of my childhood. Now as an adult, Tre Mari has once again become part of my life. As quarantine hit, weekly orders of my favourites became part of my routine” writes Alex Cioppa, a freelance writer in Toronto.

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A #TeamCanada Approach

Sleeping Giant Brewing Company (SGBC)

A member of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, SGBC has launched its own daycare service for employees, providing supervision for children in the company’s event space.

“In our brewery, we’re constantly trying to listen to each other as best we can, especially during COVID-19, and all the different experiences everyone’s having,” said Andrea Mulligan, co-owner of SGBC. “It just started to come up on a regular basis, issues with child care, peoples’ ability to work, their partner’s ability to work.”

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