Flattening the Mental Health Curve: Why Organizations Should Continue to Make Mental Health Safety a Top Priority Post-COVID-19

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This thought leadership piece is written by François Poirier, Chief Operating Officer and President, Power & Storage and Mexico at TC Energy. Here, he shares why organizations should continue to prioritize mental health post-COVID-19.

Mental health, and the mental well-being of those around me, has been a long-standing priority for me. I exercise a conscious effort each day to keep it at the forefront of my life – personally and professionally.

The COVID-19 crisis has vastly changed many lives across the world in significant ways – I know it has certainly affected my daily life. What’s more, we have felt the effects it has had on our colleagues, our friends and family and our communities, adding complexity to our ability to manage the changing landscape around us.

As governments begin to safely reopen our communities and the broader economy, TC Energy understands the important role we play in maintaining the safety, health and well-being of our workforce during this transition and well beyond. As part of an organization built on core values dedicated to health and safety in everything we do, we realize how vital our mental health is to our personal safety and well-being.

Whether it’s those of us returning to the office after working virtually over these past few months, or our essential workforce in the field, offices and facilities who continue to provide critical services for our businesses and communities, we’re all facing new adjustments as we enter this next phase of our new normal.

With so many additional unknowns, disruption and changes, it’s more crucial than ever that organizations prioritize and seek new ways to support employee mental health and wellness.

At TC Energy, we’re continuing to focus our efforts on how best to support our workforce. It’s a continuously evolving process, but we’re committed to offering our employees a significant array of resources and tools to support them through this trying time and encouraging dialogue that seeks to decrease the stigma around mental health.

Flexibility: We, as an organization, are sensitive to the particular challenges of working from home and have adopted a flexible approach to allow employees to manage through these difficult times.

Communication: Our Executive Leadership Team has held regularly scheduled videoconferences with all employees since the start of the pandemic in March to support our employees’ well-being and connectivity with the company.

Access to counselling: We offer unique programs like the Employee Family Assistance Program and virtual healthcare options that provide employees with access to counselling and health care providers from their home.

Leverage technology: We continue to look at new services to support mental wellness, including encouraging employees to utilize the MindShift™ app to help manage feelings of apprehension, anxiety or sleeplessness.

It’s OK to not be OK, and although it’s the responsibility of leaders to ensure that their employees have the right tools to access help in each stage of this pandemic, we all must do our part to flatten this new mental health curve. If we work together, we will emerge stronger and more resilient than before.

François Poirier
Chief Operating Officer and President, Power & Storage and Mexico
TC Energy

To learn more about TC Energy’s COVID-19 response, visit here: https://www.tcenergy.com/covid-19