The importance of prioritizing mental health during the pandemic

These last few months, Canadians have dealt with more stress than they could ever imagine. COVID-19 has added significant pressure to employers, employees and families, which has not only effected our physical health and economy, but our mental health too. Today is International Self-Care Day and one way to self-care is by prioritizing your mental health, which is why we are sharing some free mental health resources that you can use to help manage your anxiety and financial stress, as well as create a more mentally healthy work environment.

Managing Anxiety

From the pandemic itself to the start of reopening our country, many people are facing concerns that can be a high source of anxiety. The sources for this anxiety include worrying about risk of infection, new social expectations and the adjustment of routines. Here are some resources to help you manage that anxiety:

Managing Financial Stress

If you’re feeling stressed about finances right now, you’re not alone. From uncertain employment to hard-hit investments, very few are immune to the new financial reality brought on by the pandemic. That said, here are some resources to help manage financial stress:

Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Work Environment

Businesses also have a role to place in promoting self-care for their employees whether they are working in-person or remotely. Here are some resources to help you maintain a mentally healthy work environment during the pandemic:

Other ways to promote positive mental health and self-care during the pandemic are to make sure to stay connected with your loved ones even if it is just virtually, set a routine and to take care of your physical health! For more tips, advice and resources to help businesses and all Canadians get through the pandemic, visit the mental health section here on