Perrin Beatty comments on the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions results

Today the Canadian Chamber of Commerce released the survey results from the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, a partnership between Statistics Canada and the Canadian Chamber.

Between April 6 and April 24, the heart of COVID’s early adaptation period, just over 13,000 businesses filled out the survey. Results include big companies and sole proprietorships and every size in between, from every sector and from all parts of the country.

This is Canada’s first comprehensive view into how our businesses are adapting, managing or, sadly, failing as the COVID-19 shutdown continues.

The data brings into focus the time pressures businesses face to avoid closing their doors permanently. At the same time, the survey also shows how quickly the businesses that can are adapting to social distancing and preparing for the re-opening of the economy.

This kind of credible, reliable data is the foundation for sound decision-making by business leaders, market analysts and policy makers alike. It will help inform the Canadian Chamber’s advocacy as the Canadian Chamber helps the federal government develop and deliver their programs

As you look into the data of the survey, it is important to remember that each data point in the survey is a business owner, just like the business owners that you know in your own personal life.

Running a business is hard job on a good day. Amid COVID-19, it is an impossible task, far too big for one person. But if we all work together, we can, and will, get though this. Today’s survey is part of that process. We hope you find it useful.

Explore the full survey results here.