Canadian Chamber and Statistics Canada Create One of the Largest Business Conditions Survey in Canadian History; Chamber Sends out Call to Action for All Businesses Amid COVID-19

(OTTAWA, ON) – April 6, 2020 – As Canada rises to the challenge of COVID-19, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Statistics Canada have created a new weapon: time-sensitive data about what businesses are going through and how they are planning for the eventual recovery.

The two organizations are teaming up to create the Canadian Survey of Business Conditions (CSBC), potentially one of the largest crowdsourced business intelligence surveys in Canadian history. It will examine issues like the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses, changes that businesses have made to adapt to the ongoing situation, challenges they continue to face and challenges they expect to face as the recovery begins, and will provide new insights into trends within the business community

“Credible, reliable data is the foundation for sound decision-making by business leaders, market analysts and policy makers. During a crisis like COVID-19, relevant and timely data is mission critical, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Statistics Canada to leverage our network of 200,000 businesses. The survey will be an invaluable tool for government to understand what businesses are going through during the shutdown, but also going forward as we recover and return to growth,” said Jackie King, Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Chamber.

The new survey will be in the field this week and collect data on how businesses are currently coping with COVID-19, but the survey may be repeated in the coming weeks, depending on how the situation progresses.

“The collaboration between Statistics Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is innovative and ambitious. It is one of the largest crowdsourced surveys in the agency’s 100-year history. The partnership and collaboration with the Chamber are a demonstration of what can be achieved when like-minded organizations work together. The results of this survey will provide the crucial insights needed right now to navigate the way forward for Canadian businesses and governments in addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is this collaborative solution that is needed to effectively respond to this unprecedented situation,” said Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada.

The Canadian Chamber will also work with over 100 of Canada’s leading business and industry associations, including the Business Council of Canada, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, to bring the full benefit of their respective memberships to the survey.

“We are calling on every business to participate in this survey, today and going forward. We do not make this request lightly, we know this is a very difficult time for business owners and entrepreneurs. The CSBC is how we bring your voice into the data that will shape policy decisions going forward. Just a few minutes of your time will help decision makers pinpoint what businesses like yours really need,” added Jackie King.

To take the survey, visit here.

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